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Dune Evening II - Lyonel Feininger , 1937

German, 1871-1956

Oil on canvas, 48.3 x 77 cm (19 x 30.3 in)


Hughie Lee-Smith, The Stranger, 1957/58

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Symbolic Landscape from Hole   -    Eero Järnefelt , 1894.

Finnish,  1863-1937

oil on canvas,  115 cm (45.2 in) x 96 cm (37.7 in)


August Macke (German, 1887-1914), Rocky Landscape, 1914

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Blue Moonlight   -      April Gornik , 2007.

American, b.1953-

Colour lithograph,  20 x 20.5 in.


The Hekking House from Mohegan Harbor
Andrew Winter

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Claude Sandoz (Swiss, born 1946)

Out of a Paradise, Fisherman’s Dreaming II, St. Lucia, 2000

Watercolor and gouache on paper, 327 x 180 cm

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Otakar Nejedly

Before the Storm

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バス停 Bus Stop, 2018, acrylic on canvas

#illustration #work #sunset #drawing #painting #makotofunatsu #イラスト #people #trees #landscape #船津真琴



Phoebe - Isabel Codrington

Isabel Codrington Pyke-Nott, later Isabel Konody then Isabel Mayer (1874-1943), was a British artist. She painted figures in watercolour and oils and also produced miniatures.


View Porquerolles   -   Werner Hartmann, 1960-65

Swiss, 1903-1981

Oil on canvas, 81 x 100 cm.


Fairfield Porter (USA 1907-1975)
Mallows (1965)
oil on board 16 x 11.25 in.

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Armand Rassenfosse, “Washing woman” (1919)

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